How to Find Unique and Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Published: 12th August 2011
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The easiest way to find a unique wedding dress is to have someone design and create your gown for you. But that option is something out of the reach of all but a handful of brides. But if you are not a princess or the daughter of a sheik, there are other ways to ensure your gown is something different and special.

The first trick is to stay ahead of the trends. Know what is considered fashionable and what is cutting edge for the wedding season. If you do that – and you stay ahead – you will be the one setting the style, and not just following it. People will recognize your wedding dress is something they haven’t seen before, but won’t realize you’re just in touch with what it is in style.

Coming this season are several trends that can set your wedding dress apart:

Floral Accents

Flowers have long had a major role in setting the scene for a wedding. But instead of focusing on the bouquet, choose to focus on the flowers on the wedding dress.

Don’t just settle with a floral lace. Instead, use floral appliqués to add a flourish to your gown itself. Use them on the bodice, combined with beads and sequins for a stand-out look. Add them to the skirt, highlighting the lines of the waistline or the flare from the hips.

If you want to magnify that look, consider a taffeta ball gown with a skirt completely covered in floral appliqués. The form-fitting bodice is made of taffeta, with an all-over ruching for an easy fit. At the dropped waist, the skirt flows out in a cascade of floral appliqués. It is an incredible look that will leave your guests in amazement.

Skirt Details

Let the skirt of your wedding dress set it apart.

Turn all eyes on you with an organza fit and flare gown in which the flange skirt is cut on the bias. This dramatic and spectacular dress is created from organza, with a hand-cut bias that gives the gown a unique, organic look. The layer upon layer of organza looks like a flower in full bloom. Balancing this extravagant skirt is a carefully draped and figure-hugging bodice. Yards and yards of tulle create not only a different look, but a heavenly one. Vera Wang designed this gown, utilizing some 100 yards of tulle for the skirt. (Tulle is a sheer to semi-sheer net fabric that is often used for skirts and veils.) While tulle can be used as an underskirt to create fullness in the skirt, today’s designs bring the tulle to the outer layers to create an ethereal look.

If you want something less organized, combine those organza flanges with tulle swirls. The result is an incredibly romantic draped skirt set off with a simple V-neck bodice. Or layer the tulle to form a skirt that is romantic and also dramatic.

Romantic Ruffles

There is nothing more romantic for a wedding dress than ruffles, such as those ruffles created with a pick-up style skirt. The wedding dress starts with a sweetheart, strapless bodice. The pick-up style skirt drops down three times – first at the hips, then the knees and finally, falling to the floor. This is an incredibly elegant look.


Does the dress have to be white or ivory? In the past, that was true. But today’s brides have a certain freedom to dress color as they choose.

Blush is the new color this season. A cross between white, ivory and perhaps peach, blush offers a third alternative for your wedding dress. The result is an extremely romantic wedding gown that harkens back to a distant era.

Another alternative is a gown with a bold swath of color – like red, purple, blue or any of up to 20 different shades of color. You will find the color used as an inset on the skirt and as the matching sash of the gown. Embroidery on the gown can also pick up the color.

If you are not ready for that much color, go for a simple and subtle splash of color. Choose a Shantung taffeta ball gown that features a satin ribbon in one of 42 different colors.

Sometimes the color is a simple contrasting black, such as one taffeta and tulle gown with black floral lace. The black is nothing obvious, but is used in a touch on the bodice and the lace trim around the hem. It comes in combinations of ivory and black, ivory and champagne, solid ivory, solid white, and white and black.

While not every bride can afford to have a one-of-a-kind dress, there are enough styles – and combinations of styles – that you can find a dress unique to your circle of friends. Discover your perfect style

Dan Burke is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and specific products such as wedding dresses.

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